2017 Solar Eclipse

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Solar Eclipse Safety Information

The eclipse on August 21 is expected to draw an unprecedented number of visitors to Greenville and this influx of people has the potential to create a number of challenges for emergency responders. While the Greenville Police Department (GPD) will have extra officers working throughout the city, below are steps that residents and business owners can take to help ensure their safety.

Safety Tips

Safely view the solar eclipse:

  • Get to your viewing spot early and do not trespass on private property
  • Only wear certified eclipse viewing glasses
  • Do not view the eclipse or wear your eclipse glasses while driving
  • Do not pull your car over on the side of the road to view the eclipse

Have a plan for your family:

  • Buy groceries before the weekend (don’t forget about your pets)
  • Fill your car up with gas before the weekend
  • Refill prescriptions ahead of time so you will have needed medication on hand
  • Determine how you will communicate if cell service is down
  • Do not overload residential decks and balconies, which could collapse from too much weight
  • Identify a meeting location for your family in case you get separated from one another (for example, City Hall at 206 S Main Street for those in the downtown area)

Have a plan for your business:

  • Encourage employees to fill their cars with gas before the weekend
  • Be prepared for the impact of heavy traffic on employees’ ability to get to and from work
  • Review delivery schedules with suppliers and adjust to avoid heavy traffic times and areas 
  • Be prepared for more cash transactions and potential challenges with credit/debit card transactions

Because citizens should only call 911 for life-safety emergencies, we encourage everyone to download the GPD app and follow us on social media to receive real-time notifications about traffic issues and other crucial information leading up to, during and after the eclipse.

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