About the Academy

The Citizen’s Education Academy had been designed as a mechanism to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the citizens that the Greenville Police Department serves.  The paramount idea is to educate the public about the operations of the Greenville Police Department so that preconceived notions can be dispelled.  The Citizen’s Education Academy will also inform the participants about Greenville City offered services and avenues to find help.

Citizen’s Education Academy Objectives:
  • To forge a strong, lasting partnership between Law Enforcement and the citizens
  • To gain citizen support by explaining department operations and encouraging citizens to give input to assisting in making our community safer
  • To provide citizens a better comprehension of the Greenville Police Department functions
    • How policies come about
    • The decision making process, and;
    • What an officer contends with during a tour of duty
  • To provide our officers with a better feel for the concerns of citizens and their perceptions
  • To provide a mechanism for educating and bonding with citizens on a continuing basis, to the benefit of both the community and law enforcement
  • To encourage community involvement and a sense of ownership of law enforcement issues, problems and solutions