Neighborhood Policing Zone Initiative

The purpose of the Neighborhood Policing Zone Initiative is to establish geographical zones of responsibility for operations lieutenants, creating:

  • Enhanced personal relationships and a designated point of contact within the organization for neighborhoods citywide; and
  • Accountability for problem solving, crime reduction strategies and communication with the department.

View a map of the neighborhood zones. Operations lieutenants for each zone are:

  • Zone 1 - Lt. Jason Rampey, 864-467-4377
  • Zone 2 - Lt. Bob Gamble, 864-467-5196
  • Zone 3 - Lt. Greg Smith, 864-467-5313
  • Zone 4 - Lt. Alan Johnson, 864-467-5379
  • Zone 5 - Lt. Gary Rhinehart, 864-467-4392

Before You Call

Photo of officer inside a squad carThe Greenville Police Department receives over 150,000 phone calls per year. To save time and possible frustration, use this checklist before calling the Police Department with a non-emergency inquiry or request:

  • Typically, you will need a pen and paper on hand to write down information, names and phone numbers for future reference.
  • If you are calling to report or inquire about an incident, you need to know whether the incident occurred within the city Limits of Greenville. If you are unsure you can use this on-line address checker to verify that the location falls within the city limits. If it does not, it may be one of the other agencies within Greenville County which are listed along the right side of this page. If it is not located within Greenville County, you can find the phone number of most other agencies listed here.
  • If you are inquiring about an incident that has already been reported, please have the case incident number in hand before calling. Case files are most easily retrieved by using the case number.
  • If you are inquiring about the status of your case investigation, you need to speak with the assigned investigator. If you do not know the name, or the phone number, for the assigned investigator, you may call the Investigations Receptionist at 864-467-5342. Give the receptionist your case number and she will put you in contact with the assigned investigator.
  • If you are calling to add items to a stolen items or damages list after your initial report was taken, call the Front Desk at 864-467-5258 and speak to the front desk officer who will do a supplemental report to add the additional items or damages to your case.
  • If you need a copy of an incident report you will need to call Public Records at 864-467-5257.
  • If you need to speak with a specific uniformed patrol officer, call Police Dispatch at 864-271-5333 and follow their instructions to reach the officer.

Police Department Contact Numbers

Contact Telephone Number
Emergency 911
Deaf TDD 911
Non-Emergency Police Dispatch (or if unable to get through on 911) 864-467-5333
Desk Officer (takes phoned-in reports when Police presence not needed) 864-467-5258
Office of the Chief 864-467-5310
Media Relations 864-467-5022
Internal Affairs 864-467-5510
Administration Division 864-467-5222
Recruiting Office 864-467-5021
Crime Prevention Officer 864-467-5147
Crime Analysis 864-467-5475
Criminal Investigation Division 864-467-5404
Arson, Auto Theft, Property Crimes, White Collar Crime, Violent Crime, Youth Services, School Resource Officers, Case Management, Pawn Shops 864-467-5342
Juvenile Crime 864-467-5168
Victim-Witness Services 864-467-5508
Special Operations Section 864-467-5378
Vice and Narcotics 864-467-4385
Central Business District Patrol Unit 864-467-5325
Crime Stoppers 864-467-5268
Central Support Section 864-467-6619
Traffic Special Enforcement 864-467-4378
Animal Control 864-271-5333
Operations Division 864-467-5325
Case Follow-Up Officers 864-467-5342