The Police Department has been the primary provider of law enforcement services for the City of Greenville since 1845. The men and women of the Police Department are sworn professionals dedicated to our mission of serving, protecting, and caring for the City. The department offers a wide range of services and employment opportunities with a staff of 241 employees.

Chief of Police

Chief Ken Miller | 864-467-5310

photo of Greenville Police badge

The Police Chief’s Office ensures an effective and efficient police operation by establishing and enforcing police policy, promoting police professionalism, maintaining strong public support, and ensuring administrative support of police operations. This office monitors the accreditation program established by CALEA and maintains departmental policies and procedures in conformance with the 436 standards established by the accreditation program.

Public Information Officer

Johnathan D. BraggThe Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Greenville Police Department is responsible for assisting media personnel in covering news stories pertaining to events within the City of Greenville. The office of the PIO is in place to establish a cooperative climate in which the news media may obtain information on matters of public interest in a manner which will not hinder the operation of the police department. The PIO coordinates and authorizes the release of information concerning crimes of interest and investigations of on-going cases. When the PIO is on duty, all media personnel should be directed to contact him directly.

Johnathan D. Bragg
Public Information Officer
Office: 864-467-5022

Operations Division

The Operations Division operates two day and night shifts.

Each shift is normally assigned two platoons with each platoon led by a Lieutenant. Platoons are further divided into two Squads. A squad’s leader is a Sergeant. Squads are typically made up of 9-10 officers. This means that normally the Operations Division has one Captain, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and 18-20 uniformed patrolmen in marked cars on duty and patrolling the city at all times.

photo of police officer directing traffic

The platoons work 12 hour shifts, rotating their schedule every five weeks and working either day or night shift. When uniformed patrol officers arrive on duty, they attend a short shift briefing and then are divided up and assigned to patrol one of the nine "Beats" in which the City is geographically divided. This means we typically assign two officers (each with their own patrol car), to each beat. A K-9 Platoon is also assigned to the Operations Division.

Support Division


The Support Division, is responsible for the management, administration, fiscal responsibility, and supervision of support services functions including criminal investigations, communications, central business district officers, traffic collision reconstruction and selective enforcement, animal control, warrants/security, vice/narcotics, crime victim advocates, crime stoppers, and supply/property management.

Communications Specialist at work in the City of Greenville

The Communications Section is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the City of Greenville. The Communications Section answers all calls for police, fire, and medical emergencies in the City of Greenville and dispatches approximately 95,000 calls for service per year. The Communications Section follows the standards and guidelines of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO). The Communications Section has become one of the most technologically advanced Police/Fire Communications Centers in the upstate by having equipment for Computer Aided Dispatching, interoperable radio equipment, reverse 911 capabilities, and the Public Safety Camera System.

The Communications Bureau has become one of the most technically advanced 911 Center’s in the upstate. Key employees are trained to work with and manipulate technical systems to ensure correct response to situations for the community, maintain the systems and train others to effectively assist the public. The technological advancements aid operators in the performance of the duty to provide efficient services to the public and first responders and it requires employees who have the ability to understand and utilize these advanced systems.

Internal Affairs Division

Captain Stacey Owens | 864-467-5510

The Internal Affairs Bureau is responsible for accepting, assigning and/or investigating all complaints of alleged misconduct against employees of the Police Department. The fundamental purpose of this unit is to assure the protection of rights and fair treatment of the public, while maintaining the integrity of the Police Department and its employees.

The Greenville Police Department encourages anyone who believes they have a valid complaint against an employee of this agency to file a report. To begin the reporting process, please call the Internal Affairs Division at 864-467-5510.

All allegations of misconduct will be thoroughly investigated. Only by becoming aware of improprieties by our employees can we take the necessary corrective and/or disciplinary action to ensure that this department continues to maintain the highest standards.

Internal Affairs conducts a thorough and impartial investigation of each complaint, and makes one of the following dispositions based on the findings of that investigation:

UNFOUNDED - the allegation is false and the alleged incident did not occur

EXONERATED - the incident in question occurred, but the employee’s actions were reasonable, lawful and proper

NOT SUSTAINED - the investigation did not disclose sufficient evidence to prove or to disprove the allegation

SUSTAINED - the allegation is proven by sufficient evidence

IMPROPER CONDUCT NOT BASED ON COMPLAINT - the investigation proved substantiated improper conduct by the employee that was not alleged in the complaint.

Complainants are informed in writing of the final disposition of their complaint.

Internal Affairs Complaint Statistics
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