Domestic Violence Information

What is criminal domestic violence (CDV)?

Criminal domestic violence is defined in South Carolina as "causing physical harm or injury to a person's own household member, or offering or attempting to cause physical harm or injury to a person's own household member with apparent present ability under circumstances reasonably creating fear or imminent peril." Visit the South Carolina General Assembly's website to read the complete text.

Who is a "household member?"

As used in this article, "household member" means: (1) a spouse; (2) a former spouse; (3) persons who have a child in common; or (4) a male and female who are cohabitating or formerly have cohabitated.

Who is the typical domestic violence victim?

There is no typical victim. The majority of victims are women, but they differ widely in backgrounds. Domestic violence affects all kinds of victims regardless of economic status, race, religion, education or age. Unfortunately, it is happening in all kinds of families in South Carolina, and at an alarming rate. In 2003, domestic violence programs in South Carolina sheltered approximately 4,400 women and children and answered 33,785 hotline calls.

If you are a victim, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You can download a checklist and safety tips provided by the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA). For a free copy of their informative "Personal Safety Plan" pamphlet, please call them at (803) 256-2900.