General Orders


Administrative General Orders

Number Name Review Month
100A2 Directive System January
101A Truthfulness May
110A2 Enforcement Authority and Discretion January
111A1 Code of Ethics January
112A1 Search and Seizure Without a Warrant February
114A1 Bias-Based Profiling February
115A2 Administrative Incident Report June
116A Request for Time Off Work/ Primary Vacation Days October
120A Coordination With Other Agencies and Programs March
121A2 Internship/ Ride A-Long Program March
130A3 Organization and Authority March
140A2 Administrative Reports and Forms March
141A3 Fiscal Management and Purchasing April
142A2 Crime Analysis April
143A2 Employee Time Sheets April
145A Inspectional Services April
146A3 Property Management April
147A3 Records April
148A1 Building Security April
150A1 Recruitment and Selection May
151A2 Performance Evaluation May
152A5 Promotion May
160A2 Employee Information and Notification Responsibilities June
161A1 Employee Assistance Program June
162A2 Grievance Procedures June
163A8 Disciplinary Procedures and Prohibited Conduct June
164A2 In Service Physical Fitness July
165A4 Personnel Early Warning System July
166A2 Off Duty Employment July
167A5 Internal Affairs July
168A2 Awards and Recognition July
169A Critical Incident Stress Management July
170A7 Training August
171A2 Crime Prevention and Community Involvement August
172A1 Public Information August
173A4 Victim/Witness Assistance August
174A Line of Duty Death August
176A1 Police Chaplain August
177 Social Media October
180A5 Safety Review Board September
181A1 Confined Space September
182A Blood-borne Pathogen Policy September
190A2 Computer Operations October
191A3 Government Officials As Needed
192A1 CCTV Public Safety Cameras October


Operational General Orders

Number Name Review Month
200A6 Force Response January
201A10 Firearms and Weapons January
202A Stop Sticks January
203A Kinetic Energy Weapons October
210A3 Patrol February
211A6 Emergency Vehicle Operations February
212A3 Mobile Video/Audio Recording Equipment (MVR) March
213A4 Take Home Vehicles March
215A4 Vehicular Pursuit September
216A2 Auto Theft Reporting December
220A4 Traffic Law Enforcement May
221A Traffic Direction and Control May
222A1 Traffic Administration May
223A Sobriety Check Points May
224A Traffic Collision Investigation June
225A3 Roadway Assistance and Towing June
230A5 Prisoner Transportation July
231A1 Court Security/ Holding Facility July
240A5 Criminal Process and Arrest September
241A1 Field Interviews September
242A2 Missing Persons September
243A3 Juvenile Operations October
244A2 Collection and Preservation of Evidence October
245A3 Communications October
246 Animal Control and Enforcement October
250A6 Criminal Investigation and Intelligence October
251A Informants October
252A Criminal Domestic Violence October
253A Clandestine Laboratories October
254A Identify Theft Investigations May
255 Lineups, Show-ups and Statements October
256A Weekend Duty Commander October
260A Initial Response: In_progress Incidnets November
261A Emergency Preparedness and Response November
262A4 SWAT/Special Operations November
263A2 Police Service Dogs November
264A2 Incident Command System December
265A2 Responding to Emotionally Disturbed Persons and the Mentally Ill December
266A Biological/Chemical Protective Equipment (BCPE) December
267 Crisis Negotiation Team September
270A2 City Vehicle Accident December
280A1 Case Status Control System December