Neighborhood Policing Zone Initiative

The purpose of the Neighborhood Policing Zone Initiative is to establish geographical zones of responsibility for operations lieutenants, creating:

  • Enhanced personal relationships and a designated point of contact within the organization for neighborhoods citywide; and
  • Accountability for problem solving, crime reduction strategies and communication with the department.

View a map of the neighborhood zones. Operations lieutenants for each zone are:

  • Zone 1 - Lt. Jason Rampey, 864-467-4377
  • Zone 2 - Lt. Bob Gamble, 864-467-5196
  • Zone 3 - Lt. Greg Smith, 864-467-5313
  • Zone 4 - Lt. Alan Johnson, 864-467-5379
  • Zone 5 - Lt. Gary Rhinehart, 864-467-4392

Latest News

image of someone texting on a mobile devicePolice Using 'Text to 911' Service

If you live in Greenville, you now can call or text 911. Last month, the Greenville County Sheriff's Office was the first in the state to introduce the 'Text to 911' feature and now the Greenville Police Department is capable of receiving those messages as well. Currently this service is limited to Verizon Wireless customers. However, other major cell phone carriers have agreed to be on board by May 2014. As always, the best way to get a fast response from emergency services is to dial 911 and talk to a dispatcher directly. Texting is an alternative for people with speech or hearing impairments, or as a viable alternative when a call may place someone in jeopardy.

Crime Data Available Online

Citizens now have access to RAIDS Online, a free public crime map developed by BAIR Analytics. The data is supplied by the Greenville Police Department. Using a web site, citizens can easily search for information on different crime types and view the home locations of registered sex offenders. Citizens or neighborhood watch groups can search for crimes within a particular radius of a certain location. Data is updated every 72 hours.