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Greenville Police Special Units

Selective Enforcement Unit/Accident Reconstruction Team

The Greenville Police Department practices both the art and science of collision reconstruction.  Members of this unit receive extensive training from leading authorities around the world in the fields of science and mathematics.  Officers use a variety of mechanical and computerized resources to aid their investigations.

Through the application of crime scene mapping, forensics, physics, mathematics, professional investigative techniques, vector analysis and computerized diagramming our officers have the skills needed to properly determine causation factors in collisions involving severe bodily injury or death.  If warranted, officers will also provide expert testimony for prosecution of cases.

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

The Greenville Police Department has established a team of officers trained and equipped for the purpose of de-escalating crisis situations such as: barricade and hostage calls, suicidal or homicidal subjects, high risk search warrant execution and any other call that has the potential to become violent or extraordinary in nature. The negotiators have extensive training, specifically in crisis intervention strategy, negotiation management and communication skills. The CNT works in close partnership with the SWAT team; both teams train together and respond together with the shared mission of a peaceful resolution.

Dignitary Protection Team (DPT)

Dignitary Protection Team pinThe Dignitary Protection Team (DPT) is maintained to provide the Department with a team of specially trained officers responsible for the protection and escort of government officials and dignitaries. Comprised of twenty officers, this team routinely trains with U.S. Secret Service.

This team has been responsible for many special protective details through the years including current and previous Presidential visits, elected officials both internally and externally to the United States, and other dignitaries. The team works collectively with other local, State, and Federal agencies on these specialized assignments. Recently, the team was responsible for the planning, management, and provision of security for the Fox News nationally televised Republican Presidential Debate held at our Peace Center for Performing Arts.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Greenville Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is comprised of 20 officers and is a secondary duty to their regular assignments. The team members are issued specialized equipment including the newest weaponry, diversionary devices, less lethal weapons, ballistic shields and chemical munitions. The team is trained to respond to hazardous and high risk situations including officer and citizen rescues, active shooters, barricaded suspects, hostage rescues, search warrant executions, and dignitary protection. The SWAT Team works in partnership with the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) to achieve their ultimate goal of peaceful resolution of volatile situations.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

In 2010, Chief Wilfong recognized the need for officers to receive advanced training in dealing with persons suffering from mental illness. Law enforcement officers are often the first ones to respond to calls for service and in many cases, there is little known about who is involved or what has happened.

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program is a community partnership of law enforcement, mental health professionals, mental health consumers and family member advocates. CIT's goal is to help persons with serious mental disorders access medical treatment rather than placing them in the criminal justice system for illness-related behaviors.

Currently there are approximately fifty Greenville Police officers who have completed 40 hours of training in crisis intervention and learned the art of de-escalation. These officers are assigned to different divisions throughout the department and are available to respond to calls for service 24/7. These officers utilize specialized training to safely and effectively communicate with persons suffering from mental illness and ensure a safe outcome to a potentially volatile situation.

Lt. Stacey Owens supervises the department’s CIT program.

K-9 Services Unit

In order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Greenville Police Department, the Canine (K-9) Services Unit provides highly trained canine team(s) to protect persons and property in Greenville, and increase the safety of Officers confronting any suspect(s) who may represent a threat. Canine teams are a valuable tool in law enforcement used for criminal apprehension, building searches, area searches, evidence detection, narcotics or explosive detection, tracking missing persons, tracking fleeing persons, crowd control, and for promoting favorable public relations. More


Vice and Narcotics

The Greenville Police Department Vice and Narcotics Bureau is a plain clothes unit of Detectives whose primary tasks are enforcing laws related to alcohol, prostitution, gambling, and narcotics.  The unit is also used in undercover decoy operations, dignitary protection, and other assignments where the use of a plain clothes or undercover officers is needed. The unit is part of the 13th Circuit Alcohol Enforcement Team which conducts compliance checks on businesses that sell or serve alcoholic beverages. The unit’s main function is combating drug sales. The Detectives use information received from citizens, CrimeStoppers of Greenville, Greenville Cares, and confidential informants to make cases against suspects involved in trafficking narcotics.