Greenville County Support Resources

Listing of agencies and resources available in Greenville County which may be of assistance to persons who find themselves or know someone needing a helping hand.

Agency Telephone Email
A Child's Haven, Inc.
AARP (Senior Community Service Employment Program 864-467-3325
Academy of Life 864-233-2403 N/A
AID Upstate 864-250-0607 800-755-2040 N/A
Alzheimer's Association (Upstate South Carolina Chapter) 864-250-0029
Better Business Bureau 864-242-5052
Birthright of Greenville 864-281-7677 N/A
Blind Commission 864-241-1111 N/A
DSS - Child Support Division Food Stamps 864-241-1101
Child Support Automated Information Line 864-467-7375 N/A
Clerk of Court, Family Court 864-467-5800 N/A
Commission on Alcohol and Drugs 864-467-3737
Communities In Schools 864-235-9019
Community Foor Bank of The Piedmont 864-675-0350
Community Long Term Care 864-242-2211 N/A
Compass of Carolina 864-467-3434
CRISISline 864-271-8888 N/A
Department of Social Services 864-467-7700 N/A
Disability Action Center, Inc 864-235-1421 N/A
Domestic Abuse Victims' Assistance 864-467-5904 N/A
Easter Seals 864-232-4185
EEOC 864-241-4400 N/A
Family Learning Resource Center 864-241-4803 N/A
Fountain Inn Relief 864-862-4800 N/A
Free Medical Clinic 864-232-1470 N/A
County Health Department (women and children) 864-467-8800 N/A
Gateway House 864-242-9193 N/A
Goodwill Industries of Upper South Carolina 864-467-3200
Greenville Chief of Police 864-467-2310 N/A
Greenville Child Care Referral 864-467-4800
Greenville Family Partnership 864-467-4099 N/A
Greenville Literacy 864-467-3456
Greenville Rehabilitation Center 864-297-3066 N/A
Greenville Rescue Mission 864-242-6933 N/A
Greenville Sexual Trauma Center 864-467-3633 N/A
Greenville Sheriff Office 864-467-5300 N/A
Greenville Transit Authority 864-467-5000 N/A
Greer Relief 864-877-2522 N/A
Hands on Greenville 864-242-4224
Helpline 864-467-3300
Home for New Beginnings 864-239-0009 N/A
Hospice (Greenville Hospital System) 864-454-0900 N/A
Hospice (St. Francis) 864-233-5300 N/A
Housing Authority of the City of Greenville 864-467-4250 N/A
Human Relations Commissions of Greenville 864-467-7095 N/A
Indigent Defense (Criminal) 864-467-8527 N/A
Juvenile Justice Department 864-467-5875 N/A
Magistrate Court 864-467-5312 N/A
Make-A-Wish Foundation



Meals on Wheels 864-233-6565 N/A
Medicare 800-868-2522 N/A
Meyer Center For Special Children 864-250-0005
Palmetto Aids Life Support Services 800-922-7319
Phillis Wheatley Center 864-235-3411 N/A
Place of Hope 864-370-2707 N/A
Prevent Child Abuse Carolina


Project Care, Inc 864-467-0102 N/A
Probate Court 864-467-7170 N/A
Public Service Commission 800-922-1531 N/A
Red Cross 864-271-8222
Rosewood House of Recovery 864-242-2166
Safe Harbor 864-467-3636 N/A
Salvation Army 864-235-4803
School District 864-241-3100 N/A
Senior Action 864-467-3660 N/A
Serenity Place 864-455-2566 N/A
SHARE 864-269-0700 N/A
SHARE / Homeless Service Division 864-422-9910 N/A
Shepherd's Gate 864-268-4357 N/A
Social Security 864-233-1116 N/A
South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Service 864-467-8585 N/A
Traveler's Aid (United Ministries) 864-370-2707 N/A
Unemployment Compensation Commission 864-232-3556 N/A
United Ministries 864-232-6463 N/A
United Way of Greenville 864-467-3333
Upstate Homeless Coalition 864-244-3862
Urban League of the Upstate 864-244-3862
Veterans Affairs' Office 864-467-7230 N/A
Victim Witness Assistance 864-467-8647 N/A
Vocational Rehabilitation 864-297-3066
Wage and Hour Division of Labor Commission 864-232-3045 N/A
Within Reach 864-467-4305 N/A
YMCA 864-467-3700 N/A