Upstate Shield 2012

The second annual Upstate Shield will be held on October 2, 2012, at Lockheed Martin Facility, Donaldson Center Airport in Greenville. This event is closed to the public; however we do encourage the media to be present. Upstate shield was created to facilitate good working relationships and enhance response to critical incidents in the upstate. Several upstate agencies participate in this event and will be sending their SWAT Team as well as their CNT (Crisis Negotiation Team). CNT is comprised of several qualified officers that work closely with SWAT. CNT’s main objective is finding peaceful resolutions; which is done by providing crisis intervention strategy and negotiation skills to save the lives of all people involved in critical incidents. Upstate Shield will allow all participating agencies to work together in sharing ideas and learning new skills through mock exercises of critical incidents.
Agencies that are attending are as follows:
Greenville County Sheriff’s Office  
FBI (Greenville Agency)
Greenville Police Department  
Abbeville County Sheriff’s Office
Anderson County Sheriff’s Office  
Anderson Police Department  C
lemson Police Department
Laurens County Sheriff’s Office  
Mauldin Police Department
Mauldin Police Department   S
eneca Police Department
Oconee County Sheriff’s Office  
Spartanburg Public Safety
Pickens County Sheriff’s Office 
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office
Simpsonville Police Department

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