Victim Services

Isa Brown | Victim Advocate | 864-467-5508 or 864-467-5373

The Greenville Police Department Victim Services Unit operates a victim/witness assistance program by providing 24-hour crisis intervention and necessary support services to victims of crime.

Isa Brown and Steve Eubanks are the Greenville Police Department's two full-time Victim Advocates. In addition to their regular duties, Isa Brown is also a Hispanic Liaison and Steve Eubanks provides web and publication support to the department.

Victim services may include:

  • Providing educational materials to law enforcement staff and the community in response to criminal victimization
  • Referring victims to appropriate service agencies/providers
  • Ensuring victims’ legal rights are protected
  • Advising victims of case status and progress and maintaining contact with and providing support to victims and/or family members throughout the criminal justice process as needed
  • Providing applications and information to victims concerning South Carolina Crime Victims Compensation
  • Upon request, intervening on behalf of victims with creditors, employers, etc.
  • Establishing contact with victims of crime and identifying their needs
  • Providing crisis intervention and support to victims of crime
  • Providing educational materials concerning victims’ rights and adult and child victimization
  • Increasing the community's awareness of the victim assistance program to encourage timely reporting and assistance
  • Intervening in crisis situations using tact, discretion, compassion and good judgment

For more information about the Victim Services Unit, call 864-467-5508 or 864-467-5373.

View the South Carolina Victim’s Bill of Rights.