GVL2040 Steering Committee


The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee officially represent the citizens of Greenville and work closely with the City's planning staff, the planning consultant team and other community members to help guide the comprehensive planning process.

The Steering Committee serves as a working group and members' responsibilities will include:

  • Providing guidance and direction to the staff and consultants at crucial steps in the process
  • Acting as spokespersons for the comprehensive planning initiative
  • Serving as hosts at public events during the process
  • Identifying volunteers for action committees and providing direction to those committees
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with community outreach and meeting facilitation
  • Facilitating public meetings
  • Disseminating information during the planning process through their individual networks
  • Presenting the vision for adoption before appropriate bodies
  • Serving as stewards of the plan once it is adopted

Steering Committee Members

A total of 42 steering committee members were selected from a pool of 226 strong applicants to represent the unique diversity that makes Greenville such a vibrant city.

Charlotte Abrams
Meghan Barp
Aaron Barr
John Boyanoski
Michele Brinn
Horace Butler Jr.
Andrea Cooper
Matt Cotner
William (Billy) Crank
Jamie Cruz
Erin Culbertson
Gary Daniels
Nancy Fitzer
Kimberly Gibson

Eric Graben
Kameisha Guild
Brian Habig
Felsie Harris
Cherisse Hosein-Young
Robert Hughes III
Sam Inman
Lindsey Jacobs
Ryan Johnston
Hank McCullough
Chanell Moore
Sylvia Palmer
Neetu Patel
Joel Patterson

Ryan Peiffer
Yvonne Reeder
Susannah Ross
Ansel Sanders
Jessica Sharp
Katy Smith
Diane Smock
Stephen Spinks
Denise Thompson
Mary Walsh
Rebecca Warth
Gage Weeks
Dan Weidenbenner
Bryant Young