Public Safety Complex

In addition to Police, Fire and Municipal Court, the New Public Safety Complex Will Be Home to Human Resources, Management & Budget and the Permitting Center in 2024

Exterior photo of Halton Road Public Safety Complex before upfitIn the fall of 2024, the City will open its state-of-the-art Public Safety Complex at the intersection of Halton and Mall Connector roads.

The Halton Road location has a significant amount of parking and will be easier for new employees to get physicals and complete staff orientation. For contractors and business owners who want a building permit or business license, they will find the facility and process more user-friendly with a one-stop shop. 

In November of 2021, City Council authorized the purchase of the existing 126,000-square-foot building with 550 parking spaces on 6.86 acres, as well as an additional 5.9-acre tract, for $18.9 million. The projected upfit/renovation cost for the building, which was built in the 1990s and renovated in 2014, is $20.9 million. In comparison, the estimated cost to construct a new building is $35 million, not including the land acquisition. 

The Public Safety Complex will consolidate the City's Police, Fire and Municipal Court functions, which are currently split among multiple facilities, many of which are aging and in disrepair, with limited space and parking. The Municipal Court property, located on valuable land at the intersection of North Main and Academy streets, is now on the market, to be sold for the highest and best use.

The majority of Police administration personnel are currently housed at the Law Enforcement Center, located at 4 McGee Street, which was built in 1976 and is also occupied by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. According to Chief Howie Thompson, offices meant for one person are currently being used by up to five officers. Detectives are working in cubicles placed in the main corridors. “We have outgrown this building, which is in poor condition and has very limited parking and public access,” said Thompson. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to provide a better workspace for our employees and improved service to our citizens.”

Renderings of the future Public Safety Complex

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Additional Police administration personnel were housed with the court staff in the Municipal Court building, which was built in 1940, lacks parking and in 2021 flooded due to a sewer backup.

“It's as much about having more space for us as it is about improving the quality of the space," said Judge Matthew Hawley. "We’ve been successful in using the two courtrooms we have here on the property; however, we need a small third courtroom that we can use for a jury panel, sequestration and jury selection.” 

The Fire Prevention division is located at City Hall, while other Fire administration personnel are housed at the Greenville Convention Center.