Friends Groups

What is a Friends Group?

A Friends Group is an official volunteer group that is affiliated with the City of Greenville. Friends Groups work in partnership with the City to preserve and enhance specific parks. Friends Groups invest time and resources to sustain healthy and welcoming park spaces that connect neighbors, build community identity and enhance property values in their neighborhood. Successful Friends Groups engage with community residents and external partners (businesses, schools, foundations) to achieve these goals and serve as the community voice for the park.

The Value of Stewardship 

Parks have an enormous impact on the health of a community and provide economic and environmental benefits for the neighborhoods surrounding them. With 37 parks occupying more than 400 acres of land, it can be difficult for the City to meet all of the needs of all of the parks. Friends Groups are valuable assets and can make a tremendous difference in the health of their parks and the quality of life in their community by fundraising, mobilizing volunteers for service days and hosting community events. To learn more or get involved:

Friends of Cleveland Park

Jay Anthony |

Elizabeth Baucom |

Legacy Park Friends

Friends of the Reedy River

Friends of the Reedy River | River Conservation | Greenville, SC

Carolina Foothills Garden Club | Falls Park

Carolina Foothills Garden Club, Greenville SC – Founded in 1938 – GCA Member since 1952 (

Cancer Survivors Park Alliance

Cancer Survivors Park – Space for Hope

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