Employee Health Center

On-site Walk-in Clinic

Located on the 5th floor in City Hall for all employees, the clinic is staffed by registered nurses who specialize in occupational health Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, and 1 to 5:00 p.m. Nursing services are provided at no cost and may include evaluation and care of work-related and personal illnesses and injuries, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, urinalysis, hearing and vision screening, health education, immediate first aid, consultations regarding personal health care, administration of over-the-counter medication and immunizations, drug and alcohol screening, medical surveillance, early return-to-work program, and blood borne pathogen program.

Award Winning Health and Wellness Program

Award medals for fit-friendly worksites and fit-friendly company
  1. Annual Physicals
  2. Lunch and Learns
  3. Tobacco Cessation Program
  4. Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision
  5. Employee Assistance Program

Annual Physicals

All employees are entitled to an annual physical which may include biometric data, bloodwork, EKG, hearing and vision screening, urinalysis, and a focused examination with the city physician at no cost. Safety-sensitive and sworn public safety positions must meet mandatory requirements.

  1. Mobile RN Program
  2. Nurse Practitioner
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Wellness Coaching
  5. Other Wellness Programs

Mobile RN Program

This program is to meet the health and wellness needs of employees not located in City Hall.