Job Classifications

Each City position is included in a classification that defines its job description and level in the organization. The system of classifications partners with our compensation structure to determine pay levels and ensure that the employees are working and being paid at the appropriate levels. The City of Greenville uses both a point factor and market-based approach to pay structure development.

Competitive Compensation

Through job and market analysis, salary structures, internal equity analysis, and annual salary surveys, the City ensures its Compensation Program is competitive.

Competitive Initiatives

To make sure the City stays competitive in the job market, the Compensation team:

  • Makes recommendations for structure, grade, and pay adjustments and equities
  • Oversees the City's Pay for Performance Management System
  • Manages biweekly payroll process and maintain position control
  • Manages the City's Job Evaluation System
  • Writes and revises job descriptions
  • Provides advice on Human Resource Compensation policies and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) issues