Park Trails

There are walking and biking paths in other parks throughout the city.

North Main Park

Including a portion of sidewalk on N. Main Street and Ashley Avenue, North Main Park features an approximately .5 mile paved and mulched trail around the park’s softball diamond, basketball court, playground and picnic area.

Gower Park

Gower Park features an approximately .75 mile paved walking loop around the park’s baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and wooded shelter area. Trail users must utilize the parking lot or adjacent grassed area to complete the loop.

McPherson Park

McPherson Park features an approximately .75 mile paved walking loop around the park’s playgrounds, miniature golf course, tennis courts, shuffleboard, bandstand and shelter.

Holmes Park

Holmes Park features an asphalt trail and concrete sidewalk loop around the parks perimeter that is almost .5 mile long. The park is also home to a baseball diamond, shelter and disc golf course.

Cleveland Park Fitness Trail

Located within Cleveland Park, this 16-station fitness trail is linked by a paved hiking path.

Hiking & Mountain Biking Trails

Timmons Park

The Timmons Park Hiking and Mountain Bike Trails cover approximately 1.5 miles along the banks of a small creek. The trail winds through the 27-acre park and can accommodate the beginner rider, as well as, challenge the more advanced rider.

Troop 19 Trail

The Troop 19 Trail is approximately 1.25 miles and weaves through a wooded area south west of the Greenville Zoo in Cleveland Park. The trail has several access points along Cleveland Park Drive and Ridgeland Drive.

Cleveland Park Eagle Trail

The Eagle Trail in Cleveland Park covers approximately .5 mile in the woods above the park and connects the tennis court area to the south end of the park. There are access points along Lakehurst Drive, Woodland Way and the paved walking paths.

View a map of hiking and mountain biking trails at Timmons and Cleveland parks.

Riders on the Sliding Rock Trail

Sliding Rock Creek Trail, in the Nicholtown community

The 1.3 mile soft surface trail is located in the Sliding Rock/Green Forest Park area adjacent to Sterling Elementary and the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the Nicholtown neighborhood. Initially conceived as a mountain biking experience, the trail is suited for biking, hiking, trail running or nature walks.

Fernwood Nature Trail at Cleveland Park

Fernwood Nature Trail is a short trail of less than .5 mile, winding through a mature hardwood portion of Cleveland Park. It was developed by the city of Greenville Parks & Recreation Department along with the William Bartram Group, S.C. Chapter of the Sierra Club. For several years, these two organizations have worked together to define, clear and maintain the trail, identify plants, and develop interpretive materials. Many years ago, the Fernwood Nature Trail was part of an old horse trail.

Fernwood Nature Trail entrance sign

The trail is great for birdwatchers or the casual ambler, the trail's objective is to provide an enjoyable and educational experience. There are 24 numbered sites along the trail help users identify different plant and tree species. A quiet and observant walker may be able to see some of the park's wildlife, including many bird types, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, lizards, turtles, snakes (almost certainly not poisonous), insects and spiders.

Please stay on the trail to lessen erosion of the surrounding land and prevent destruction of the fragile wildflowers and other special plants along the trail. Beware of poison ivy, although it is periodically cleared from the trail, the woods are an ideal poison ivy habitat.

Download Fernwood Nature Trail guide (PDF)