Sidewalk Expansion Program

This ongoing program adds new sidewalks to streets within the city limits.

Sidewalk in the Overbrook neighborhood


The Neighborhood Sidewalk Targeted Expansion Program (NSTEP) is the City's program for constructing new sidewalks on City-owned streets. The City established the program in 1999 in response to public comments received through citizen surveys and neighborhood meetings regarding the desire to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility through an improved network of sidewalks.

NSTEP Committee

The City commissioned a citizen advisory committee, which met between January and May of 1999 to develop a program for evaluating sidewalk construction projects, establishing project priority, addressing design and structural issues and identifying funding opportunities.

Based on its findings, the NSTEP committee developed the Sidewalk Project Evaluation Form, which creates a ranking system for all City streets without sidewalk. NSTEP projects are selected based on the street ranking.


The NSTEP program is managed by the Engineering Services Department and funded through the City's Capital Improvement Program. To date, approximately twelve miles of new sidewalk have been constructed throughout the city.