Stormwater Utility Fee

Every property in the City of Greenville is charged a stormwater utility fee; therefore, owners of single-family residential, multi-family residential, vacant, and non-residential properties must pay the fee. This fee is included with your annual tax notice from Greenville County.


While all developed properties are charged a fee, the fee may be reduced for non-residential properties where owners maintain stormwater quantity and quality control measures, reduce runoff or eliminate runoff on their properties. Certain credits are also available for certain institutions that help provide education about stormwater to the public. This reduction is called a credit. Read more about the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit.

Single-Family Property Annual Fee

Type of Residence
2021 to 2022 2022 to 2023
Development Residential - Less than 1,640 square feet
$45.17 $45.17
Developed Residential - Greater than 1,640 square feet
$79.33 $79.33
Undeveloped Residential
$45.17 $45.17

Multi-Family Property Annual Base Rate per Equivalent Residential Unity (ERU)

Type of Unit
2021 to 2022 2022 to 2023
Developed Commercial / Industrial
$79.33 $79.33
Undeveloped Commercial / Industrial
$79.33 $79.33

*Equivalent Residential Unity (ERU) - total impervious area of the parcel in square feet / 2,389 square feet.

Note: The Stormwater Fee was unchanged in FY 2022-23 from the FY 2021-22 amount.

Grading Permits

A Grading Permit must be purchased from the City before land disturbing activities can occur. A Grading Permit may be purchased only after the proposed development is issued a Stormwater Permit by the City of Greenville.

Disturbed Area

Type Area Description
Type 1
20 acres or more of plan coverage
Type 1
Between 10 and 20 acres of plan coverage
Type 1
Between 5 and 10 acres of plan coverage
Type 1
Between 0.5 and 5 acres of plan coverage
Type 2
Less than 0.5 acres of plan coverage

Volume of Stormwater System

Volume of System
No System
5,000 cubic feet or less
Between 5,000 and 50,000 cubic feet
Greater than 50,000 cubic feet


The total fee is the disturbed area fee added to the volume of stormwater systems fee.