City Seal

Seal Prerequisites

In 1973, in order to establish a design approach to the creation of a new City seal, several prerequisites were first determined. The seal should be:

  1. Round
  2. A strong visual identity
  3. Symbolic in nature
  4. A progressive modern image
The Official City of Greenville Seal

Design Elements

The concept of the design is based on three of the City's basic elements:

  1. Its people
  2. Its natural resources
  3. Its industry

These elements were selected to represent the City on the basis of simplicity, directness, and broadness of scope. Graphic symbols were developed to represent these elements in a strong visual manner.

Arrangement of Symbols

Careful attention was give the arrangement of these symbols in the design in order to provide still further symbolism:

  • The symbol representing man is placed in a circle to indicate unity, cooperation, and friendship.
  • The symbol for trees and mountains is place in the circle between every man to represent an abundance of natural resources.
  • The symbol representing industry and man-made resources is placed in the center of the design to reflect this element as the center of growth and economy of the City.

Working together in the design as in our society, the elements of man, his natural resources, and his industry create the wheel of progress which symbolizes Greenville on the move today toward a better tomorrow.

Copyright & Acknowledgments

  • Beth Tankersley, Graphic Design Consultant
  • Prepared for McMillan, Bunes, Townsend and Bowen, Architects–Engineers

This wording was taken from the Informal Minutes of Greenville City Council. The City seal was adopted on March 20, 1973.