Single-Member Districts and At-Large Seats

District Map

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Eligibility Requirements

Candidates offering for the office of City Council shall be elected at large and from single-member districts as provided in this section. For those elected from single-member districts, candidates seeking office from a particular district shall be residents of the district at the time they offer for election and during their entire terms of office, and shall be elected from each such district by the qualified electors of the district. The Mayor and Council shall adopt an official election map, incorporated as part of this chapter by reference, designating such districts and precincts.

The City shall be divided into four single-member districts, each with one council seat, and two additional seats shall be at-large council seats, for a total of six Council members. Each single-member seat shall constitute a separate and distinct office to which a separate number shall be assigned, and each candidate offering for the office of City Council shall specify for which seat he/she is seeking election. Each candidate shall not be permitted to qualify or run for more than one such seat or office in any one general or special election. The Mayor shall be elected at large. Neither the Mayor nor any Council member elected at large shall be required to be a resident of a particular district. (Sec. 14-7)