If you are not in agreement with a decision made by Greenlink regarding eligibility or a suspension, you should contact the Greenlink Transit Director for an administrative hearing. If you still are dissatisfied after an informal hearing, you can file a written appeal with the Greenville ADA Coordinator. An appointed panel of transportation officials, medical/disability professionals, and rider representatives (two ADA Committee members) will review the circumstances of your suspension. The appeals process will be carried out in accordance with ADA regulations. Steps in the appeals process are:

  • Appeals must be filed within 60 days of a denial of eligibility or a decision to suspend service.
  • Appeals must be filed in writing or on audio cassette; accommodations will be made for persons unable to do so.
  • You may ride the service until your eligibility/suspension appeal is heard.
  • A decision will be made within 30 days and rendered in writing.

Please note: If you are appealing a suspension based on an illegal, seriously disruptive, or violent behavior, you may not ride GAP until the Appeals Panel reviews and makes a decision on your suspension.

Appeal Requirements

1. An individual must request an appeal within 60 calendar days of the denial of their initial application or suspension.

2. An individual must have an opportunity to be heard in person to present information and arguments.

3. There must be a "separation of function" between those involved in the initial determination and those deciding appeals.

4. Written notification of the appeal decision stating the reasons for the finding must be provided.

5. Presumptive eligibility must be granted to the individual if a decision is not made within 30 days of the completion of the appeals process.