Suspension of Service

Misusing the Greenville Area Paratransit (GAP) system can result in suspension of your service. The following are misuses of the paratransit services that could lead to suspension.

False Qualification

Obtaining or using paratransit services under false pretenses. The Americans with Disabilities Act reserves paratransit services for certified eligible individuals. Your service may be suspended if:

  • You have made false or misleading statements on your eligibility application.
  • You allow other non-eligible individuals such as friends or family members to ride using your name.

No Shows

No-shows delay vehicles and use resources that other riders can use. Greenlink defines a No-show as someone who schedules a trip, then does not show up for that trip rather than calling to cancel the trip. Greenlink’s suspension policy for No-shows takes into consideration Greenlink’s overall No-show rate and whether you are a ‘frequent’ rider or an ‘occasional’ rider.

If you no-show five times or more in a rolling 30-day period and the number of

no-shows represent more than 10% of your scheduled trips during a 30-day

rolling period you can be suspended. The following process will occur:

  • 1st No-show: A Notice is sent.
  • 3rd No-Show: A Final Warning is sent.
  • 5th No-Show and Reach Threshold of 10% of Trips are No-Shows: A Suspension Notice is sent.

If you have multiple “No-shows” over a six-month period requiring more than one suspension, the following will apply:

  • One suspension in a 6-month period: One week suspension and you will lose your subscription privilege. 
  • Two suspensions in a 6-month period: Two weeks suspension and you will lose your subscription privilege. 
  • Three suspensions in a 6-month period: 30 days suspension and you will lose your subscription privilege. 


Suspension for abusive or disruptive behavior. Disruptive or abusive behavior endangers passengers, drivers, and the GAP staff. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Intimidation or threats of physical harm to drivers or other riders.
  • Verbal abuse of drivers, staff, and/or other passengers.
  • Unlawful harassment, including unwelcome verbal, non-verbal or physical behavior having sexual, violent, or racial connotations.
  • Unauthorized use of vehicle equipment.
  • Voluntary and repeated violation of riding rules, including:
    • Smoking, eating, and drinking on vehicles
    • Refusing to remain seated with seat belt on
    • Defacing equipment

Innocent Incidents

Circumstances that are beyond your control. Examples of situations not within the passengers control may include, but are not limited to:

  • A sudden personal emergency.
  • Sudden or worsening illness.
  • Late arrival of the paratransit vehicle.
  • A driver does not provide appropriate assistance.

If an investigation reveals your disruptive behavior is due to a disability and is beyond your control, your service may not be suspended. However, Greenlink may require you to travel with a Personal Care Assistant (PCA). If your PCA cannot help you to control your behavior, and/or a safety problem continues to exist, your service may be disallowed.