Police Officers

Becoming a Police Officer

As a City Officer, you will meet a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and locations. You will build new relationships with business owners, community leaders, pastors, and residents who live in Greenville, with some of these becoming lifelong connections. Also, you will have the opportunity to assist people in need with the commission given to you as a sworn law enforcement officer.

Community Partnerships

By working together with other agencies such as the Fire Department, Department of Social Services, Sanitation, and other community-based organizations, you will make a major positive impact on people's lives and the prosperity of the City.

Make an Impact

You will have the authority to protect those who cannot protect themselves. The younger generation looks up to officers as role models, so your contributions will possibly encourage young men and women to enter law enforcement in the future. Most of all, you will end each day with a sense of well-being and contentment about your service to the community and its citizens.

Visit the Greenville Police Department site.