How does the program work?
The mediation program is offered as an alternative to GPD’s traditional complaint resolution process and participation in the program is strictly voluntary. Both the citizen and the officer must agree to participate.

With mediation, the citizen and the officer meet face-to-face over a period of time and a UMC mediator guides the two parties through a constructive discussion about the incident in a controlled and confidential environment. Each party has an opportunity to tell their side of the story and to explain how the interaction affected them. The mediator then works with the two parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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1. Why did the Greenville Police Department decide to offer this program?
2. How does the program work?
3. How long does the mediation process take?
4. Is there a cost to participate in the program?
5. How do I submit a complaint?
6. What types of citizen complaints are eligible for the program?
7. What are the benefits of mediation versus a more traditional method of complaint-handling?
8. What are the police department’s goals for the program?