What is included in this type of plan?

The comprehensive plan is just that – comprehensive. Topics range from land use and transportation to economic development and parks. Each topic will include a thorough evaluation of the city’s current conditions and the most important trends. The community will be asked for input through in-person and online engagement activities. Finally, recommendations will emerge in each topic that meld the technical analysis with the intuition of citizens. Topics in the Greenville 2040 Comprehensive Plan include population, economic development, natural resources, cultural resources, community facilities, housing, land use, transportation and priority investment.

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1. What is Greenville 2040?
2. What is a comprehensive plan?
3. Why does the City of Greenville need a Comprehensive Plan?
4. What is included in this type of plan?
5. How will this affect me?
6. Who will lead the planning process?
7. How can I get involved?
8. Do I have to be an expert to contribute ideas?
9. How will my input be used?
10. How is Greenville 2040 different from other planning processes in the community?
11. What is the timeline for completing the plan?
12. Where can I learn more?