How are the submissions judged?

A jury consisting of members of the Arts in Public Places Commission, the Youth Commission and the Greenville Transit Authority will review all submissions and assign scores of 0 - 25 for each of the categories listed below:

  • Quality - the judges will evaluate artistic elements such as the use of color, the composition’s patterns and symmetry and the proportion of subjects in the artwork, as well as the skills and techniques showcased by the artist.
  • Originality and Creativity - the judges will evaluate the uniqueness of the artwork.
  • Representation of Theme - the judges will evaluate the artist’s use of the theme, #YeahOurGreenville, in telling a story or making a statement. 
  • Appropriateness - the judges will evaluate the nature of the images and/or content to determine if the artwork would be offensive to a community member of average sensitivity or inappropriate for viewing by minors.

The submissions that receive the highest scores overall will be installed inside the Greenlink bus shelters.

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1. Since artwork submitted for the contest must be original, what qualifies as art plagiarism or a violation of another artist’s intellectual property rights?
2. For photographers, how do intellectual property rights apply to the subject matter in a photo?
3. Can artwork created by more than one student be submitted for the contest?
4. How are the submissions judged?